HouseCallsNow can send a highly qualified, board certified doctor to you immediately.

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What do we do?

We bring doctors to you

If you want a doctor and you live in Canada, we can send you a doctor directly to your home ASAP. Patients can get a doctor to see them whenever they want wherever they want. Doctors can now practice whenever they want wherever they want.

With no more unnecessary waiting in crowded emergency rooms, healthcare is neither delayed nor denied.
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How We Can Help You

When will you need a doctor to come to your home

Elderly Need Nursing Help

You are elderly and need a doctor today. But you live by yourself and there is no one to help you go to the doctor or to the ER.

Who you need:
A Doctor.

What Typically Happens Now:
You call your doctor’s office and make an appointment. If it is not an emergency, the doctor will give you an appointment that is typically one week away. Or, you may not have a family doctor. Or your doctor may ask you to go to urgent care or the ER. Any trip outside will involve getting to a transportation in possibly inclement weather. Once at the ER or urgent care, you will have to wait 3-4 hours until you are taken care of.

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
You request a doctor from the computer or App. The doctor comes to your home.

Elderly Need Nursing Help

Crying Child

Your child is crying and has a fever.

Who you need: 
A Doctor.

What Typically Happens Now: 
Go to the ER (most patients wait 4-5 hours) or
Make an appointment with your GP (average wait time, many days) or
Go to urgent care center if it is open (wait time several hours).

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
A doctor sees your child in the comfort and convenience of your home – no waiting, no traveling.

Crying Child

We Will Walk You Through!

Three easy steps!


Request a doctor to attend to your illness.


Enter the medical information requested of you.


Confirm your request.

How are We Unique?


We have doctors who are Canadian Board Certified Physicians who ready to make house calls for you. We have chosen professional and well [...]


Both your location and the location of the doctor who agrees to see you will be displayed on a map, so you can track the doctor coming [...]


Every doctor at HouseCallsNow undergoes extensive screening by a professional background verification agency to verify criminal records [...]


In an emergency, you can activate 3rd party notification with the click of an SOS button at no cost to you. Your location data and a [...]


If you need services that are not OHIP reimbursable such as (school sick notes, etc) the doctor will charge you as would your family [...]

What Patients Are Saying

“This idea will revolutionize the delivery of healthcare … this is the Amazon of medicine! It makes the life of my family so much easier!”

A.P PhD Patient

“The Housecalls App is very user friendly and is a straight forward way to access essential health services pretty instantly! I had a very successful experience getting the care Ineeded when I needed it. I would love to see other services as well through this portal. I would highly recommend this app to anyone!”

AP Patient

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