What do we do?

Buying goods with the convenience of internet from the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME is super easy!

HouseCallsNow does this for services.

Our App will show you a map of providers near you. Choose a provider and the service will be delivered at the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

What Services Do We Provide?

Categories of Services – H E L P

For your convenience, services are grouped into four categories. Providers may appear under multiple categories. We also give you the convenient option of searching for a type of provider or service using the search bar.


Providers in this category look after your health; physicians, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, yoga instructors etc.


Providers in this category are experts in education such as tutors for school and college courses, music teachers, artists, swimming instructors etc.


Providers in this category help you with your living. Cleaning services, carpenters, cooks, landscapers, plumbers, builders etc.


Providers in this category take care of your pets; pet sitting, pet walking, grooming services, veterinarians etc.

How are We Unique?

We are not a website listing a collection of providers that you can contact at your own risk, speak to each of them to assess their availability, and make a contract without verification or knowledge of their background, certifications, history and record.


We give you a menu of providers who suit your needs and preferences consisting of Canadian Board Certified Physicians and other trained professionals. You choose among them. Learn More...


Both your location and the location of the providers presented to you will be displayed on a map, so you can choose a provider near you and track the provider coming to your house. Learn More...


Every provider listed in our website undergoes extensive screening by a professional background verification agency to verify criminal records, education, training experiences and credit checks. Learn More...


In an emergency, you can activate 3rd party notification with the click of an SOS button at no cost to you. Your location data and a predetermined text message will be sent to a third party designated by you. Learn More...


We make payments easy, electronic and invisible. All payments are handled in the background, without hassles and complete privacy by HouseCallsNow using the payment method chosen by you during registration. Learn More...


We value your feedback and you can provide ratings and reviews on providers. Reviews of providers (except physicians as required by law) are only possible after completion of a verified transaction and payments. Learn More...

We will Walk You Through!

Pick Service

Browse and choose from our list of providers offering wide range of services.


Schedule a time with the provider to attend to your needs.


Confirm your booking with us. Now, sit back, relax and track the provider making their way to your house!


If you find yourself in one of these type of situations, we can help.

Home Yoga

You want to start doing regular yoga exercises. But the group learning classes have no vacant spots, or are too far or just inconvenient.

Who you need:
A yoga instructor.

What Typically Happens Now:
Enroll in a yoga class, if available. Some people may have to find a baby sitter and leave child at home.

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
Yoga instructor you choose will come to you now at the comfort of your home.


Planned Dinner Party

You are busy and have a dinner party planned for today.

Who you need:
A cook.

What Typically Happens Now:
You call around using Yelp.com to have food delivered.

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
A personal cook near you will come to your home and cook for you.


Elderly Need Nursing Help

You are elderly and today you need nursing help.

Who you need:
A nurse.

What Typically Happens Now:
You call a nursing agency and they will make arrangements to have someone come to you at their convenience. Wait time is days to weeks.

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
A nurse near you will come to you now at your convenience.


Crying Child

Your child is crying and has a fever.

Who you need: 
A physician.

What Typically Happens Now: 
Go to the ER (most patients wait 4-5 hours) or
Make an appointment with your GP (average wait time, many days) or
Go to urgent care center if it is open (wait time several hours).

What Typically Happens with HouseCallsNow:
A physician sees your child in the comfort and convenience of your home – no waiting, no traveling.


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