Background Checks

Credentialing and background checks are an essential part of our diligence to protect the provider and the client by ensuring well-trained, professional, safe and effective services. We take this task seriously and we distinguish ourselves by the quality of our providers and the effectiveness of our services. One can often trade-off by listing a lot of providers of poor quality OR carefully choose fewer providers of high quality to vetted to the best of our abilities. We have chosen the later.

Credentialing of physicians is done by a panel of physicians using standard verification criteria exactly as in a healthcare institution.  Non-physicians are checked for licensing or certification, if the profession has one.  In addition, a complete background check is carried out on all providers using an independent evaluator checking for criminal records, sex offences, employment, education, training, references and credit history by an independent third party.

We work diligently at protecting our clients and providers and our system is designed to weed out fraudulent or dangerous providers who might compromise client safety. However, background checks are never perfect and we cannot guarantee same.