Ease of Payment

One of the best parts of using HouseCallsNow is the ease and invisibility with which payments are handled. Clients never have to pay cash or checks or give their credit cards for payment of services. After the service is completed, payment is automatically made to a provider through your registered payment option. The client and the provider are informed of the financial transaction but no financial instrument exchanges hands before, during or after a visit.

Regarding medical services and Physician providers, these services are billed to OHIP for any OHIP eligible service (i.e. insured or medically necessary services). Physicians are not allowed to charge for any services that are insured and reimbursable by OHIP.

It is just like visiting your doctor, except now the doctor is visiting you!

Finally, there is never any need to tip the provider. Appreciation of service can be reflected in the rating and review for non-physicians.