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Board Certified Physicians 24 x 7 x 365:
The Canadian healthcare system is unique in the world and we want you to experience the timely care, patient focus and convenience that distinguishes the Canadian healthcare system. We have Canadian Board Certified primary care physicians available for you to take care of you and your loved ones when needed. After immediate necessary care at your home, you are handed back to your usual primary care physician for continuity of care. HouseCallsNow gives you access to Board Certified and licensed physicians ready to respond to your consult requests. This is a unique feature and highlights our commitment to your welfare, convenience, care and safety. We strongly believe that good health leads to good life.

Trained Professionals:
Our goal is to provide excellence with safety and convenience. This can only arise from a carefully chosen group of doctors. We do our best to ensure that they are professional, well-trained and safe. After all, we want you to use our system again and again and again!


Our App integrates a mapping system with doctor information. This innovative approach has several advantages: First, a client can see the physical location of the doctor who agrees to make the house call visit. Second, doctors can see the location of the requesting client before agreeing to a visit. Third, if a house call visit is accepted, the exact real-time location of the doctor and the patient are shown on our map. This data is also available if either party pushes the SOS button. This provides that extra degree of security to both parties.


Credentialing and background checks are an essential part of our diligence to protect the doctor and the patient by ensuring well-trained, professional, safe and effective services. We take this task seriously and we distinguish ourselves by the quality of our doctors and the effectiveness of our services.

Credentialing of physicians is done by a panel of physicians using standard verification criteria exactly as in a healthcare institution. In addition, a complete background check is carried out on all doctors using an independent evaluator checking for criminal records, sex offences, employment, education, training and credit history by an independent third party.

We work diligently at protecting our clients and providers and our system is designed to weed out fraudulent or dangerous doctors who might compromise patient safety. However, background checks are never perfect and we cannot guarantee the same.


We are happy and proud to say that we are pioneers in taking strong action to ensure the safety and security of our doctors and patients. Although no one can completely ensure safe house calls, HouseCallsNow makes every possible effort to enhance the safety of our doctors and patients. We have an SOS button in our App. At any time, pressing the SOS button will transmit your live location data and a predetermined text message to a third party designated by you at the time of registration.

Soon for a small fee, we will also provide the option of being monitored by a security company with the ability to despatch security personnel.


One of the best parts of using HouseCallsNow is the ease and invisibility with which payments are handled. Clients never have to pay cash or checks or give their credit cards for payment of services. For OHIP Non-billable services, after the service is completed, payment is automatically made to a doctor through your registered payment option. The patient and the doctor are informed of the financial transaction but no financial instrument exchanges hands before, during or after a visit.

OHIP eligible services (i.e. insured or medically necessary services) are billed directly to OHIP. Physicians are not allowed to charge for any services that are insured and reimbursable by OHIP.

It is just like visiting your doctor, except now the doctor is visiting you or you are remotely consulting the doctor!