Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q: How do I register?
A: You can register on the website or in the App by clicking on “Client>Registration” on the website or “Register” on the login screen of the client App.

Q: What does it cost to register?
A: Registration is free.

Q: How old must I be to use HouseCallsNow?
A: You must be at least 18 years of age to register and use HouseCallsNow.

Safety and security

Q: Is the information I provide safe and secure?
A: Your registration data is encrypted and securely stored in a server located in the USA. The information may be processed in the USA and may be accessible to law enforcement and national security authorities of that jurisdiction. Only HouseCallsNow has administrative access to the server but all data is encrypted..

Q: Is the health information about me as secure as that in a healthcare facility?
A: Yes. The health information you provide and new health information generated by your transactions are completely safe, secure and private. Health information is stored in a server compliant with guidelines and legislation for the storage of personal health information in Canada (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act – PIPEDA) and compliant with guidelines and legislation in Ontario (Personal Health Information and Protection Act, 2004 – PHIPA). The server has a U.S. HIPAA compliance certification as well.

When you call a physician, they can have access to your health information if you give them consent. Non-physicians do not have access to your health information. They only have information that you provide each time you call them.

Q: Are providers licensed and qualified to provide their service?
A: Physicians are credentialed by a panel of physicians and non-physicians are checked for licensing or certification, if the profession has one. In addition, a complete background check is carried out on all providers using an independent evaluator. Checks are made for criminal record, identity cross checks, employment verification, education verification, credit bureau inquiries and cross checks.

Q: Am I safe during a housecall visit?
A: In order to ensure your safety, every provider is registered, background checked and credentialed. In addition, we have made available an SOS button in our App. At any time, pressing the SOS button will transmit your location data and a predetermined text message to a third party designated by you at the time of registration. In addition, the rating and review system which results in client ratings and reviews by non-health professionals can alert future providers and clients about each other.

Using the App

Q: How do I download the app?
A: HouseCallsNow is available for download on:
i. – iPhone (iOS 7 or newer)
ii. – Android (Jelly Bean or newer)

Q: How do I deal with privacy and permissions settings?
A: It is best to accept permissions and security settings advised by the App. This will allow smooth access to services by you and provide you the information you need to make your choices.

Requesting a service

Q: Can you reserve or book a housecall?
A: You can reserve or book a housecall for non-physician services in advance. For physicians, they can only be reserved on a short-term basis, no more than ___ hours in advance.

Q: What happens if I cancel a service after it is accepted by a provider?
A: Physician services: a cancelation by the patient after the call request is accepted by a physician will entail a cancellation fee of $ 30 which is charged to the patient’s registered mode of payment. Physicians must notify HouseCallsNow prior to any cancellation of an accepted call and are obligated to serve the patient until an alternative physician is found or the patient is informed to seek care elsewhere.

Payment to provider

Q: How do I pay the provider?
A: After the service is completed, payment is automatically made to non-physician provider through your registered payment option.

Physician services are billed to OHIP for any OHIP eligible service (i.e. insured or medically necessary services). Physicians are not allowed to charge for any services that are insured and reimbursable by OHIP.

Q: Do I have to tip the provider?
A: No, there is no need to tip. Appreciation of service can be reflected in the rating and review for non-physicians.

Post-service ratings

Q: How do ratings work?
A: Both non-health providers and clients are requested to rate each other at the end of every transaction. The rating is anonymous. It is averaged over a scale of 0-5. In addition, each party is allowed to write a review not exceeding 120 characters. The rating and review will be displayed beside the provider on the location map.

By law, we are not allowed to rate or review physicians and/or other health providers.