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HouseCallsNow Inc. Began Physician House Call Operations in Ontario, Canada Using a Secure Mobile App

TORONTO, ON, January 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — New startup HouseCallsNow created today what may become a future trend in healthcare delivery. With the tap of the HouseCallsNow App, doctors were summoned by patients to their homes. A mother can now have a physician come to her home when her child is crying and has a fever without the need to run to an ER while scrambling to find a sitter for her other children.

“It is a great day today for all patients, doctors and the healthcare system as HouseCallsNow brings the excellence of Canadian healthcare to the comfort of your home. This will result in less ER crowding, timely medical attention of patients, early triaging, better health and reduced healthcare budgets.” – Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand, Neurosurgeon, CEO, HouseCallsNow Inc.

As this trend grows, the impact on the healthcare system can be considerable. The chronic problem of overcrowding of ER can now be addressed with the convenience of house calls. The CDC reports that about 90% of the patients seen in the ER do not require admission to the hospital. So, doctors who should be promptly assessing the 10% of patients requiring admission are burdened by the 90% who do not. HouseCallsNow can enable doctors to be called to patients’ homes, to render timely assessment and treatment.

In addition, HouseCallsNow makes an innovation in safety for providers. There is an SOS button in the app. Pressing this will send out predetermined text messages and live GPS location data to designated recipients.

HouseCallsNow helps particularly vulnerable patient populations such as the elderly or patients with disabilities who are unable to go to the ER and instead let diseases take their course at home. It is also not easy for a single parent with many children to rush to the ER in the late hours of the night. All these are barriers to healthcare access. Such barriers to access healthcare can make population health worse resulting in increased healthcare budgets and sicker population in the long run. HouseCallsNow can service these patients by safely and conveniently bringing the doctor or healthcare provider to patients’ homes.

To quote the first patient who used the App to call a doctor to his home, “The HouseCalls App is very user friendly. I had a great experience in getting the care I needed, when I needed it at my home. I would highly recommend this App to anyone.”

As we usher the 21st century, we must be able to provide healthcare when it is most needed, where it is most needed. Healthcare must leverage current technologies to improve population health and quality of life.

With the tap of an app, HouseCallsNow can also provide other services to the comfort of an individual’s home using the same technology used in healthcare delivery.

All providers are background checked for criminal records, employment history, training, certifications and terrorism check. Financial transactions are handled securely through PayPal. All non-healthcare providers as well as clients are rated and reviewed after verified completion of transaction.

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New startup HouseCallsNow Inc. delivers services directly to your home using a secure mobile App.

Services include healthcare, home care, education, personal care and pet care. Service providers can now be summoned with a simple tap of a location aware app.