Our Mission

With us, HELP is only a tap of an App away from your doorstep.

HouseCallsNow is an enterprise that leverages the connective force of the Internet and the convenience of a smart phone to effortlessly bring a wide variety of services to your home. Our premise is that anyone with a smart phone can be both service consumer and provider. We all have unique skills and needs. Using this app, a service provider may have access to a large pool of consumers looking for convenient delivery of service to the doorstep. For individual consumers, HouseCallsNow makes getting services in the categories of Health, Education, Lifestyle, and Pets (HELP) as easy as ordering a pizza online.

Our company offers a real time, map-based platform linking business and consumers, while addressing concerns about geographic convenience, background checks, security, billing and payment collection.

We are committed to individual and social responsibilities allowing empowerment of individuals and a technology-aware advancement of society while respecting individual, cultural, linguistic, gender, provincial and social differences. We will do our utmost to adhere to this mission now and in the future by carefully choosing what services to deliver, where to deliver services and how to deliver services with excellence, utmost convenience, privacy, safety and security for our providers and clients.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate delivery of services to customers’ homes.
  • Provide clients easy access to service providers and providers easy access to clients.
  • Care for the safety, security, privacy and convenience of clients and providers.
  • Improve quality of life of clients and profitability of providers by using the latest web-based technologies.
  • Improve healthcare delivery, reduce healthcare costs and increase efficient utilization of healthcare resources.