Our Providers

Board Certified Physicians 24 x 7 x 365:
The Canadian healthcare system is unique in the world and we want you to experience the timely care, patient focus and convenience that distinguishes the Canadian healthcare system. We have Canadian Board Certified primary care physicians available for you to take care of you and your loved ones when needed. After immediate necessary care at your home, you are handed back to your usual primary care physician for continuity of care. HouseCallsNow gives you access to Board Certified and licensed physicians ready to make house calls for you. This is a unique feature and highlights our commitment to your welfare, convenience, care and safety. While we also provide other services using the same model and standards, we strongly believe that good health leads to good life.

Trained Professionals:
Our goal is to provide excellence with safety and convenience. This can only arise from a carefully chosen group of providers. We do our best to ensure that they are professional, well-trained, safe providers. After all, we want you to use our system again and again and again! We have filters for your preferences so that every time you make a request for a house call, you can ask the system to show you providers who satisfy those filters such as: providers that are in a certain radius from your home, or providers who can get to you within a certain time, or providers who have certain special training you are looking for and so on… You choose from our menu of providers and we aim to deliver your choice.