What do we do

If you want to consult a doctor and you live in Canada, we can connect you to a doctor directly ASAP.

Request a HouseCallsNow Doctor

You can consult the doctor on the phone, video or have the doctor will come to you when you want and where you want (within the province we operate).

Anyone with a computer or smart phone can have a doctor come to their home AND a doctor can practice whenever she wants and wherever she wants. Using this app, a doctor will have access to a large pool of patients looking for timely and convenient delivery of healthcare to the doorstep.

Our App connects doctors and patients.

We care deeply about people in general and patients in particular.

We say ENOUGH to patient suffering while they wait for a doctor to see them.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate doctor consults for patients from the convenience of their homes
  • Give patients easy access to doctors AND give doctors easy access to patients.
  • Give safety, security, privacy and convenience of both patients and doctors.
  • Improve quality of life of patients and doctors by using the latest web-based technologies.
  • Improve healthcare delivery, reduce healthcare costs and increase efficient utilization of healthcare resources.